All officials must submit a new photo for Photo ID. Email a jpg file to the chief umpire.

Pre-tournament umpire meeting: Thursday, Aug 3, (around 6:30 pm) - Stowe Stadium, by on-court bleachers next to Court 2, Kalamazoo College. We will try to take a group photo, so wear/bring khaki shorts/pants. Shirts will be distributed at the meeting.
Regular daily report time: 7:30 am. First Friday at Western Michigan, please arrive at 7:15am.

Officials who CANNOT attend the pre-tournament meeting:
Go to your assigned site directly on your first assigned day at 7:15am. The site official can give you your shirt, ID, and other critical info before daily umpire meeting.  

2016 Outstanding Umpire
2016 Oustanding Umpire: Jan Kaye